What makes Panacea Direct Inc stand apart is continuous management attention at all times & easy-to-work-with employees. A partner that understands not just your systems, but also the markets you do business in. An IT provider that has the flexibility to quickly deploy the resources you need, when and where you need them – not just when the contract is signed, but as the business evolves.

Panacea Direct Inc is at the forefront in the field of Information Technology providing clients with the highest quality custom IT solutions and advisory services. Our assets embody exceptional technological expertise in diverse technical areas in order to advice on the best and affordable solutions while maintaining fanatical attention to quality and time linesd.

We at Panacea Direct Inc strive to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations, through an organizational culture that encourages continuous improvement of the Quality management system and individual commitment to quality.

Welcome to Panacea Direct Inc

Panacea Direct Inc has grown on the core strength of it’s people. The extraordinary teamwork demonstrated by our employees has helped us grow consistently and manage our business efficiently. Our strong business focus has seen us add more clients. With evolved business and engagement models, we have been able to address the wide-ranging requirements of our customers. Our culture and work environment motivates every asset to go beyond their defined roles and excel in their individual capacities. We provide our assets with the opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity and creativity while developing themselves, their careers, and our business. Together we believe in working hard, having fun, and celebrating our achievements.

Our Offerings

  • IT Project Consulting
  • Web Presence Management
  • Business Asset Augmentation
  • Business Practice Advisory
  • Business Growth Strategy

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